Asana from Ashtanga series


Good morning my friends , 

Today the Sun... the Sun... the Son of God (there might be some tranlitteration) is still kinda sleeping and this sweet cloudy sky in Fuerteventura keeps the separation with the world of dreams nuanced.
We often hear to speak about the "awakening process"..  ...does someone affirm we are living a dream? Well, it is a matter of dimensions and dimensionality: the point is not less real than the line nor the circle of the same sphere observed in different ways, according to the available abilities. 
The shadow is not less real of the physical body and through the shadow the person can seen part of him self and his movements.  In the dream there is a character strictly linked with the dreamer, the first perceives his reality in a different way, the time is different: memories are present as the previous experiences of the dreamer are conceived as actual feelings by the character of the dream; the subconscious of the dreamer is the reality of the drea…


New Generations Love

My dears,

Welcome back to us in this beautiful day of the week-end.
Today I want link back to my previous post and, from it, to introduce new concepts that you might know or have heard about.

Today we speak about the psychophysical planes (corresponding to the psychophysical bodies we have spoken about last week) and the "upper mirroring" planes - the image above can help you for a figurative understanding.

Let's start!
Every group of people, the so called "races" has a specific plane where it has to evolve.
For example there are groups who will develop on the physical one especially and those will be great athletes for instance;
in a contest where the majority of people are focused on the emotional level, those who are into the mental one will be the dominant class* .
At the more advanced levels, there are tree new groups which represent the future and which are focused on the "Soul Planes" (the the upper ones in the above figu…

El amor es sutil, los amantes son sutiles - extract Español


Hola queridos,
hoy hablamos de los cuerpos sútiles, los que completan parte de nuestro ser en su existencia fisica en este planeta.
Por lo tanto, mis queridos, me rifiero a vuestros cuerpos fisicos y los que residen a su interior y cuya aurea se manifiesta a su esterior, lo cuerpos sutiles, los que interactuan entre ellos y entre los de otras personas. Ser concientes de como éstos se ''alimentan'', protegen y crecen nos convierte en jefes de nosotros mismos.  Las diferentes ciencias llaman estos cuerpos en manera diferente, sin embargo, podemos afirmar que tenemos cuerpo/s mentale/s,  emocionales -o astrales - con su propias auras. Por ejemplo a través de la grilla del cuerpo eterico fluie el prana y es sobre esta grilla que el cuerpo fisico se apoya. Y finalmente, lo más adentro -el cuerpo mas interior - está custodiada ella, el alma o cuerpo espiritual.  
Dependiendo de el nivel de presencia y sensibilidad, cadauno puede percebir los cuerpos propi…



Hello my dears beloved,
The purpose of this short post is to provide a better understanding of how the body works, acts and reacts to circumstances, interactions and time periods and in order to do so we cannot miss to extend our range of discussion beyond the physical body.   

Therefore, my dears, you have not only a physical body but also other - beautiful - SUBTLE BODIES.
Differents sciences call them in different ways, nevertheless common aspects in between them give the logic to all these distinctions a part from the material, tangible, physical body.

I will not mention all the names associated from the various disciplines, instead the common sense which combine them.

First of all, I want to start with a little introduction about the physical body ( here on "p.b."), which is going to be our point of reference, in order to avoid the mistake to trascend the importance of the physical existence on this planet.

When can go deep now!


Coloca el magnet

Buenas tardes mis queridos amig@s,
Hoy quiero hablar con ustedes sobre el trabajo introspectivo, que es uno de los dos pilares de la Alquimia junto con la abertura del centro emocional superior, el Anahata (i.e. el hackra del corazón).
Sabemos que somos magnetes y que tenemos la capacidad de aumentar nuestra magnetismo. Por lo tanto, también existen diferentes sagacidades aplicables para este alcance, tales como: - no juzgar, a las personas les encanta estar rodeadas de quien no las juzgan y se sienten atraídas (mientras que cuando expresamos un juicio -incluso a nivel no verbal- podríamos sentirnos safisfecho a corto plazo, pero a la larga estamos en realidad agotados); - manteniendo un perfil bajo, siendo sutil, en lugar de mostrar sus cualidades, las personas  de alto calibre vibracionales  se reconocen de todos modos; - Manteniendo un secreto! Es la energía que una persona te aplica, por eso es difícil de mantener;
... podríamos seguir y seguir, pero aquí quiero …


Settle the magnet

Good evening my dears,  Today I wanna speak with you about the introspective work, which is one the two pillars of the Alchemy togheter with the opening of the superior emotional center, the Anahata  ( i.e. heart chackra). We well know to be magnet and to have the ability to increase our magnetism.  Therefore there are also different sagacities applicable for this scope such as : - being unjudgmental - people love to be surrounded from who is not judging them and they feel attracted  (while when we express a judge - even at not verbal level -we might feel safisfited in the very short term, but in the long run we are actually depleted) ;  - keeping a low profile, being subtle, instead of showing out our qualities, high caliber vibrational people recognize one another anyway;  -  mantaining a secret! It is energy a person put on us, that is why it is difficult to keep;
... we could go on and on but here I wanna clarify an important concept of balance which may be help…


Hola amig@s!

Thank you being here listening to my voice on a display stamped form. I share with you reflections l have had few days ago with my mum, who is studying for an exam. In particular, we considered the energy she is spending  for it and the divergence, on equal terms, between the learning return of the exam  targeted studying i.r.o. the research  aimed to sharpen the intellect  and moved from a background curiosity (i.e. willing to cure)*. As you can well imagine, in this last case the cognition process is much more effective and efficient. There is no anxiety to get to a result of judgement, there is no hand moving from a success and a failure antipodes because it cannot be but an  accretion.
That is why a yogi/ni deals with failure and success the same way. He/she does not waste time opinionating nor criticizing the "on the way" /partial result.
You can than apply this  consideration above the academic world, to every aspect of life. Instead  of staring at situations/res…